Wireless Alarms

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Universal Wireless Alarm (1 Rx up to 7 Tx)

One small portable Receiver will monitor and identify up to seven Transmitters. Can be used for Enuresis, Incontinence, Wandering and Sleepwalking. Ideal for Nursing/Care Homes, Special Schools, Institutions and Individuals

Wireless Alarm

Comfortable, compact and light-weight. Easy to set up and use. Can be used with any pair of underpants. Transmitter magnetically clips to the underpants’waistband

Wireless Alarm + Record Wetness Sensor and Toilet Trainer

Ideal for use in Care or Nursing Homes as well as with children with learning difficulties. It can be used day or night in two ways: to indicate urination so that the child/patient is changed or to develop a toileting regime.