Wireless Alarm + Record Wetness Sensor and Toilet Trainer


Ideal for use in Care or Nursing Homes as well as with children with learning difficulties.

    It can be used day or night in two ways:
  • simply to indicate urination so that the child/patient is changed. This releases the nursing staff from regular and frequent manual checking and can avoid the complications associated with child/patient remaining wet until discovered.
  • to develop a toileting regime; by tabulating the child/patient urination times, a bladder activity pattern can be observed and the need for a bed-pan or toilet anticipated. This can result in significant reduction in the Management and Disposable Nappy cost as well as an improvement in child/patient morale.

The wetness Sensor consists of a small Transmitter (Tx) and a portable Receiver (Rx). The Tx can be attached to the supplied Easy-Clip Sensor or Standard sensor or a Bed-Mat (Optional extra). The Tx detects urination or wetness, which then activates the Rx which will emit a choice of alarm sounds, music or a recorded message, user's name (useful for identifying the wet user by name) or music of choice indicating urination or wetness. A silent vibrating option is available. Up to 16 Tx/Rx units can be used in the same location and more than one Rx for each Tx.

    The Wireless Alarm has all of the following features:
  • Ideal for use in Care / Nursing homes or children with learning difficulties
  • Day and night use
  • Record user name for easy identification when wet
  • Record your own sounds, music or personal message
  • A choice of pre-recorded music, single sounds or eight sounds
  • Volume control with minimum limit
  • Choice of body sensors or optional comfortable Bed-Mat
  • Up to 16 Transmitter / Receiver units in one location
  • Several Receivers per one Transmitter is possible
  • Sound on/off choice when used with optional vibrating accessory
  • Optional external Vibrating unit

Weight & Dimensions


44g including batteries


56 X 51 X 17mm


266g including batteries


150 X 85 X 36mm



25 metres in open field.

Instruction booklet

Click here to download an instuction booklet in pdf format.

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