Wander / Sit Up Mat with Inverter


The Wander / Sit Up  Mat is one product which can be used to activate any of our alarms including the PCT and VCA  except the MO12. You can use the Mat as pressure mat by plugging it in any of the alarm and when pressure is applied to it then the alarm will be activated. If used with the "Inverter" then the Mat is a Sit Up Mat.  That is to say, as long as pressure is applied to the Mat, i.e. the person is sitting on it or sleeping on it, no activation of the alarm. If pressure is released by person sitting up or getting out of bed, then the alarm will activate.

Wire length: 150cm.

This product should be purchased with a suitable Alarm (except the Wireless Alarm MO12).

Image of pressure sit up mat
Image of pressure sit up mat Image of pressure sit up mat

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