Vibro-Watch ‘S’ Model MO22


Malem™ Vibro-Watch 'S' is a small digital multi-function watch, designed for children and young people, with 12 independent specific-time vibrating and/or sound alarm settings. It has also a periodic auto-repeat timer (programmable start/end times) with vibration and/or sound alarm (range 1 min to 23:59 hours). It has real time in hours (12/24, am, pm), minutes, seconds, month, date, day of week and a stopwatch.

All programmed settings can be activated or deactivated without changing the set times. Memory function to maintain all programmed settings during battery change. Lock mechanism to prevent accidental change.

  • Small, colourful, digital multi-function vibrating/sound alarm watch suitable for children and young people
  • Vibration and/or sound
  • 12 independent specific-time alarms
  • Periodic auto repeat alarm (1 min to 23:59 hours) (programmable start/end times)
  • Memory to store all settings, very important during battery changing
  • Electroluminescence backlight effective for use at night
  • Lock mechanism to prevent accidental change of settings, programs, reminders
  • Can be used for timed voiding, bladder emptying, medication and behavioural modification
  • A choice of six coloured straps


  • Face diameter: 25.2mm
  • Thickness: 12.7mm
  • Strap length: 210mm
  • Watch width: 31mm
  • Electroluminescence

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Vibro-Watch 'S' Model MO22

Product Code: MO22


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