Vibro-Watch and Record


The world’s one and only Multifunctional Vibrating Alarm Watch with recordable messages prolongs independent living at home

  • 12 independent specific-time vibrating alarms
  • 12 recordable messages for each of the specific-time selections
  • Periodic auto-repeat vibrating alarm with recordable message
  • Ability to select vibrating alarm with or without message
  • No loss of programme information while changing battery
  • Built in memory so that the selected settings do not have to be re-entered after battery change

For use with:

  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, the Elderly, People with Special Needs, Memory Loss & Diurnal Enuresis

Reminder for:

  • Taking Medication, Bladder Emptying, Timed Voiding, General Daily Routines (eating, drinking etc.), Appointments, and Behavioural Modification Programmes


The Malem© Vibro-Watch© + Record is a digital multifunctional watch with 12 independent specific-time vibration alarms and a specific auto-repeat vibrating alarm (range from 1 minute to 23:59 hours). Each of the selectable vibrating alarms can be accompanied with a specific recorded 10 second message. The Vibro-Watch© displays real time in hours (12/24, am/pm), minutes, seconds, month date, day of the week and also has a stop watch.
Any of the set vibrating alarms can be accompanied with the recorded message. Selected specific-time or periodic auto-repeat vibration/message alarms can be easily activated or de-activated (on or off). All programmed information is held in permanent memory so no information is lost while changing the battery.

 Vibrowatch with Record Booklet Vibrowatch with Record Booklet

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