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Ultimate Vibro-Watch++ Model MO21

The Malem™ Ultimate Vibro-Watch© ++ is an advanced digital multifunctional watch with 12 independent specific-time alarms and an auto-repeat alarm ranging from 1 minute to 23:59 hours with selectable start/end time to avoid disturbance during sleep. Each of the selectable alarms can be vibration and/or accompanied with a recordable message of 8 seconds, as well as a selected word on thedisplay. The recorded message can be replayed as often as required. The Vibro-Watch© displays real time in hours (12/24, am/pm‘military’), minutes, seconds, month, day, day of the week and year. It also has a stopwatch. The selected alarms can be easily activated or de-activated (on or off). All programmed information is held in permanent memory so none is lost during battery change.

Vibro-Watch ‘S’ Model MO22

Malem™ Vibro-Watch 'S' is a small digital multi-function watch, designed for children and young people, with 12 independent specific-time vibrating and/or sound alarm settings. It has also a periodic auto-repeat timer (programmable start/end times) with vibration and/or sound alarm (range 1 min to 23:59 hours). It has real time in hours (12/24, am, pm), minutes, seconds, month, date, day of week and a stopwatch.

Vibro-Watch and Record

The world’s one and only Multifunctional Vibrating Alarm Watch with recordable messages prolongs independent living at home. For use with: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, the Elderly, People with Special Needs, Memory Loss & Diurnal Enuresis.

Vibro-Watch Multi Function Vibrating Alarm Watch

Malem Vibro-Watch© is a digital multi-function watch with 12 independent Specific-Time Silent Vibrating Alarms and a Periodic Auto -Repeat Vibrating Alarm as well as a real time minute, second, month, date, day of week, hourly vibrating chime(selectable) and a stop watch.