Ultimate ECG Easy-Clip - for Stud & Tab Electrodes

  • Locks onto tab electrode
  • Snap and lock overstud
  • Fits 3-4mm pins
  • Eliminates twisting
  • Holds electrodes flat
  • Superior contact
  • High quality tracing
  • Comply with both USA and and EU colour codes

Available in 8 colours
2 x Red, 2 x Black, 2 x Green, 2 x Yellow, 1 x Blue, 1 x White, 1 x Orange, 1 x Violet.

For use with stud electrodes

1. Locate hole over stud

2. Press down

3. Pull back

4. To remove -Slide forward and lift.

The ECG Easy Clips are available in boxes of 12.

Product Code: ECGL


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