Sit Up Sensor - For sleep walking or dementia

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Malem Sit Up Sensor is suitable for use with patients suffering from Sleep Walking or Dementia.

Sit up sensor

The Sit Up Sensors are helpful in alerting parents and carers and reduce the likelihood of potentially dangerous accidents.

A choice of alarms: Sounds, Music, Record your own personal message or Wireless directly to parents or carers.

The alarm is attached to clothing near the shoulder, for example inside a pyjama top pocket or on the inside of a T-Shirt collar. It can also be clipped to an elasticated bandage around the thigh. The alarm is activated if the user sits up or gets out of bed.

Sleep walking and Dementia

15% of children suffer from sleep walking.

3% of men and women ages 65-74 and 50% of age 85% and over suffer from dementia.

The total price of the Sit Up sensor and Alarm depends on the chosen Malem Enuresis Alarm. See prices under Enuresis Alarms.

Wander / Sit Up Mat

The alarms can also be used with the Wander / Sit Up Mat. The Wander / Sit Up Mat is one product which can be used to activate any of our alarms including the PCT and VCA except the MO12. You can use the Mat as pressure mat by plugging it in any of the alarm and when pressure is applied to it then the alarm will be activated. If used with the "Inverter" then the Mat is a Sit Up Mat. That is to say, as long as pressure is applied to the Mat, i.e. the person is sitting on it or sleeping on it, no activation of the alarm. If pressure is released by person sitting up or getting out of bed, then the alarm will activate. Note: You must select a suitable Alarm to plug in to the Mat.

Image of pressure sit up mat Image of pressure sit up mat Image of pressure sit up mat Image of pressure sit up mat

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