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Standard Sensor

The "Standard" sensor is a tiny (1.8 x 2.1cm), detachable, cleanable, replaceable, gold plated, rustproof, moisture-sensitive sensor. When urination commences and the sensor is moistened, the alarm is triggered and a stimulus is activated.

Easy-Clip Sensor

This sensor has the advantage of being able to clip and anchor to the outside of any close fitting underwear for boys or girls. The alarm is triggered as soon as the underwear material is wetted. No need to use pads or sandwich the sensor.

Bed-Mat Sensor

The Bed-Mat is a foil embossed plastic mat which fits between the sheets over the mattress. It can be easily cleaned, dried and replaced and is attached to the alarm by a very slim wire which does not disturb the user in bed.

Sit Up Sensor - For sleep walking or dementia

Malem Sit Up Sensor is suitable for use with patients suffering from Sleep Walking or Dementia. The Sit Up Sensors are helpful in alerting parents and carers and reduce the likelihood of potentially dangerous accidents.

Wander / Sit Up Mat with Inverter

The Wander / Sit Up Mat can be used as pressure mat by plugging it in any of the alarm and when pressure is applied to it then the alarm will be activated. If used with the "Inverter" then the Mat is a Sit Up Mat.

Dialysis-Mat Sensor

The Dialysis-Mat can be placed under the arm of the patient to detect any leakage during long dialysis sessions. The Mat can be linked to any of the alarms especially the Universal Wireless Alarm where up to seven (7) patients can be monitored by the Nurse/Carer.