Queen’s Square Bladder Stimulator - Selectable 9 Modes


Vibrating Bladder Emptying Device

Selectable 9 Modes

This product can be used to initiate urination and maintain bladder emptying. Adjust cord length and Secure stimulator by placing your hand through the attached cord.

  1. Place the Stimulator on the lower abdomen (above the pubic bone) before commencing passing urine and apply gentle pressure to activate the vibration. (If you are unable to exert sufficent pressure to activate, then use the on/off button on the back.)
  2. Keep the stimulator vibrating while urine is being passed for about one to two (1-2) minutes after you feel you have finished. Please select different mode for most effective result. Press & hold mode button for 2 seconds (while stimulator is on) to activate. Button remains active for 60 seconds. On/Off button: Press to switch on. Press again to switch off.

Mode Selection button: To activate, press and hold for 2 seconds while stimulator is on. button remians active for 60 seconds.

Please select the most effective mode for your need using the mode button. Press & hold mode button for 2 seconds to activate (while stimulator is on). Button remains active for 60 seconds.

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