Malem Potty / Toilet Trainer


Musical or Recorded Message attachment for Potty / Toilet Training


  • Supplied with 2 sensors
  • Battery operated
  • Trainer Sound Box magnetically attaches to suitable potty
  • Choice of 20 tunes or record your own message as a reward after urination (up to 35 seconds after start of urination). Music or message will stop after 30 seconds. It can be stopped sooner by pressing the external Start/Stop button.
  • Trainer sound box (62mm x 60mm x 27mm) (87 g) with magnetic clip for easy attachment on underside of potty. POTTY NOT SUPPLIED. Tools not required.
  • The short sensor (250mm) is for potty use. Stick underneath potty bowl.
  • The long sensor (1000mm) is for toilet use (place in position according to gender e.g. back of toilet for male and front of toilet for female so that it will be in contact with passed urine).
  • Battery operated 3 x AAA supplied.

A Choice of rewards


20 musical tunes or recorded message


Tune list:

  1. London Bridge
  2. Lullaby
  3. Mary had a little lamb
  4. Oh, Susanna
  5. Old Macdonald had a farm
  6. Pop! Goes the weasel
  7. Sally, go round
  8. Simple Simon
  9. Parade of the wooden soldiers
  10. Twinkle, twinkle little star
  11. Home sweet home
  12. Cuckoo waltz
  13. The farmer in the dell
  14. For Elise
  15. Swan Lake
  16. Happy Birthday
  17. Silent Night
  18. Jingle bells
  19. The first noel
  20. We wish you a merry Christmas

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