Malem Blue T Mobile Telephone Alarm

  • The world's first and only Enuresis Alarms that works with both Android and iOS Smart Mobile Telephones.
  • The “Malem Alarm” app is available to download from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • User has the choice of any of the alarm sounds available on their smart phone.
  • User can select up to three (3) contact telephone numbers to be called when the alarm is activated. Useful if parents want to be involved.
  • User can also select short messages to be sent to the selected contacts when used with Android phones.
  • Record of wetting events, dates and duration before alarm is reset are stored for future display or export to computer.
  • Password protection to avoid accidental changes to the settings.
  • Easy to install app and set up with the selected smart phone.
  • Alarm is light, very small and easy to use.
  • Attaches to the waistband of any close fitting underwear using the Malem clip.
  • Famous Easy-Clip Sensor attaches to the outside of the underwear in the area that is most likely to get wet first. Recommend cleaning of sensor regularly.
  • Battery charge last for few days but recommend charging daily when not in use. Charging via USB cord (supplied) just like charging mobile telephones.

iPhone MO25 Booklet
iPhone Instructions
Android MO25 Booklet
Android Instructions

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