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Malem Blue T Mobile Telephone Alarm

The world's first and only Enuresis Alarms that works with both Android and iOS Smart Mobile Telephones. User has the choice of any of the alarm sounds available on their smart phone. User can select up to three (3) contact telephone numbers to be called when the alarm is activated. Record of wetting events, dates and duration before alarm is reset are stored for future display or export to computer.

Deluxe Alarm - Selectable Combination Alarm

Sounds & Recordable Message + Vibration + Volume Control+ Light + Famous Easy-Clip© Sensor

Ultimate Multi-Choice Alarm - 33 Alarms in One

Three messages to record, eight loud sounds, twenty songs and melodies and strong vibrations.

Ultimate 1 Enuresis Alarms

Malem "Ultimate" range Enuresis Alarms are designed to maximise effectiveness by providing a selectable combination of sound(s) and/or vibration to suit the needs of the user.

Ultimate 1 Selectable

The Ultimate 1S Alarm is ten alarms in one. A choice of 8 single sounds or random 8 sounds designed to prevent "auditory accommodation", only one of which is activated each time the alarm is triggered.

Audio Range (Maximum performance at minimum size Alarm)

The lightest and the smallest Enuresis alarms in the world. Smart, colourful, slimline, ultra compact, ergonomic design with all the advanced features and advantages of the world famous Malem Alarms.

Ultimate 1 + Record

Malem "Ultimate" 1+ Record Enuresis Alarm is four alarms in one. It is designed to maximise effectiveness by providing the ability to record your own sounds, music or personal message or a selectable combination of sounds and/or vibration to suit the needs of the user.

Ultimate Bed-Side Alarm

The Malem "Ultimate" range of Enuresis Alarms has now been extended with the addition of the Ultimate Bed-Side - the most comprehensive and adaptable Enuresis Alarm available.

Personal Continence Trainer (PCT)

This alarm provides stimulus by means of a silent vibration, which is particularly suited to the deaf or hard of hearing. Its silent nature also means that this alarm is completely private and can be used at anytime, day or night.

Visual Continence Alarm (VCA)

By providing a visual indication of urination, this alarm can be used in the management of incontinence in the elderly or in mentally handicapped or those with learning difficulties.

Additional Batteries for the Malem Audio Range Enuresis Alarms

Available in sets of three For use only with the Audio range as well as the PCT and VCA